Investment in BIM technology by Octávio Rodrigues

February 15, 2022

What is the importance of the BIM project for the company?

In the case of AmbiÁgua, the BIM project will be very important to clarify and demonstrate in practice all the potentialities of this work philosophy.

What are the objectives/uses BIM that the company has outlined?

With this project, AmbiÁgua intends to create a new method of organisation and management of projects, namely:

- Create a CDE that facilitates and organises all the information regarding the project;

- Modelling the project's virtual twin for spatial coordination, structural, mechanical and hydraulic analysis;

- Extraction of quantities from the various specialities involved

- Automation of structural and MEP modelling.

What is the expected impact/benefit of the BIM project results on the company's operation and approach to the market?

The main impact will be the company adopting this methodology for future projects and the coordination of the project itself which will allow a better management of the work. As a consequence, a reduction in the working times and costs of the various areas involved.